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 "In camera" multi exposures I created for the Scaramanga 6 for their new album artwork, I wanted to create a series of images using different textures that looked like they were made in Photoshop, but are 100% made in camera using the multi exposure function on the 5Dmkiii.

The first batch of exposures were taken in a studio, the images are then exposed again on brightly lit wet paint to create the paint textured shots. For the forest images I waited until the sky and light was just right then shot the tops of trees, exposing a single image several times whilst constantly moving the camera to create ghosting effects.

Myanmar - Elbow "Magnificent" - BTS

Here are some photos taken from the set of Elbows video for their new track "Magnificent" taken whilst doing the on site edit. A beautifully shot music video created by Chief, Directed by Joe Connor, featuring just some of the stunning sights and culture of Myanmar, shot around Bagan, Yangoon, Taungoo & Mawlamyine.  Myanmar is the most photogenic place I have ever seen, it was utterly incredible to be able to photograph this phenomenally beautiful country and be part of such an amazing shoot.

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