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Multi exposure MKV - Dust to Dust

I am very proud to present the 5th installment from my in camera multi exposure series "Dust to Dust". Created for the artwork of the solo album by Paul Morricone from The Scaramanga 6

The concept was to have a person seamlessly turn to dust whilst also getting the feeling of motion into a very static image & shooting style but with, as always, zero Photoshop use.

This first step is to shoot the base image with black cloth/lighting with the dark areas pre planned based on the second exposure.

The second part of the image was created using coffee beans ground to different consistencies and very carefully placed onto a backlit white sheet of paper. A small paint brush an a lot of patience was required to finesse the placement of the grounds and to remove rogue beans.

For some of the images I mixed red sand and glitter whilst holding a red light over different areas of the dust to give them more colour. The more light that hit the beans the more the texture came through onto the second image.

I hope you enjoy them

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