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I'm very proud to present this new collection of in camera double exposures. The aim this time was to see how far the capabilities of the 5DMKiii can be pushed and to have the talented model, Olivia winter, interact more with different types of paint.


All these images have been created with zero Photoshop use.

multi exposure - Splash & streak

multi exposure - Scaramanga

 "In camera" multi exposures I created for the Scaramanga 6 for their new album artwork, I wanted to create a series of images using different textures that looked like they were made in Photoshop, but are 100% made in camera using the multi exposure function on the 5Dmkiii.

The first batch of exposures were taken in a studio, the images are then exposed again on brightly lit wet paint to create the paint textured shots. For the forest images I waited until the sky and light was just right then shot the tops of trees, exposing a single image several times whilst constantly moving the camera to create ghosting effects.

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