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Multi-Exposure - The Underground

Here is my 4th batch of in camera multi exposures. This time with the theme of “neon underground”. A complex deceiving world of dust, smoke and colour.


I shot 2 models in Freedom Mills in Leeds, with various coloured gels whilst also light painting and adding in a bit of pixelstick action into a few of the backgrounds to give the neon look, This gave the base image.  After that the images were then exposed again over stained card, paint, burnt & cut paper as well as glitter paper, this allowed these images to be created in camera using the Canon 5D MKiii and with absolutely no Photoshop 

Photographer - Ben Daure

Model - Lizzy Turner

Model - Connor Yeates

Hair & Makeup - Vanessa Long

Photography Assistant  - Danny Matthews 

 Photography Assistant - Lucy Forrester  

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